Electric scooter

Sale, rental and assistance of Electric Scooters

Smart, Economic, Technologic and Fast

Ride on and fall in love with everything you feel.

The vehicles are 100% electric, designed and produced in Italy, as their most sophisticated components (battery, electronic control unit, engine).

“Made in Italy” design and quality. Technology and sustainability.  Powerful engines ready to amaze you wherever you go, from the city to suburban routes.

Zero emissions, they respect the environment 100% and contribute to environmental protection for a better quality of life.


Only 30 cents to cover the 96 km of autonomy.


Access freely in the ZTL areas even with traffic restrictions (based on the Municipal Regulations)


Removable batteries: you can recharge it from any power point. Digital display that shows you the charge level and with Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone Askoll application

Annual maintenance costs reduced to 45 euros

Insurance up to 50% off

Eco-bonus up to 40% off on replacing old vehicles (Scrapping Euro 0-3 scooters)

Customized Box Delivery

With an electric scooter your work improves!

The EasyScooter’s Electric Scooter is perfect for delivery professionals. It allows them to move easily in traffic, going from one part to another in city. We can make different arrangements according to the customer’s needs.

From fast food to pizzas and even ice cream and pastry products. EasyScooter Genova is ready to satisfy their own business customer’s needs, with all the long-term rental advantages! – Reduce the fuel costsReduce maintenance costsAccess the ZTL areas!Take advantage of long-term rental

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Askoll  ESPro, the right model for your business


We take care of all the paperwork to apply for existing state subsidies (Ecobonus).

You can receive a discount of up to 40% with a used to be scrapped of your property or a family member, Euro 0-1-2-3, if you don’t have to be scrapped, the discount will still be 30%. Take advantage of it now! Call usor write an email

Rental Scooter

We have a fleet of scooters ready to take you around Genoa and Liguria or to go to work. Home deliveries are also available.

From 10€ per day For longer rental periods (monthly, bimonthly, semester) the rate will vary according to the duration. Take advantage of it now!

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