Rental Scooter for Elders and Disables

The EasyScooter services in Genova

Rent an electric scooter for the disabled to make your life easier

Change way to move into the city, from today with Veleco you will have no limits!


Rent your Veleco scooter to test and handling its functionalities or simply to enjoy your stay in Liguria with autonomy.


You can also rent your Veleco vehicle for long periods without buying it to enjoy the summer and return immediately afterwards.


Customized rental formula: if you decide to buy the scooter after renting it on trial, we will give you the rental as a gift.

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Scooters for disabile Rental 

From € 15,00 per day, with the possibility of Delivery Service

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Veleco Faster 
Autonomy up to 45 km
Veleco Faster
Autonomy up to 45 km
Veleco Faster
Autonomy up to 45 km

Customer reviews

Alessandro had a doubt about buying his scooter for the elderly because he lives in a place whose uphill road has an important retirement. We at Easyscooter (at the customer’s request) performed an on-site test with the vehicle in order to reassure him that the purchase he was making was the right product. Take a look at how the test went !!

Rent in our store or online!

Our store in Via G. Passale 18-20r in Genova Nervi, have a wide selection of electric scooters and bikes to appreciate and prove on the road to be sure about the acquisition.
We can give you all the information you need because we are always updated about courses and in close contact with the companies we deal with.

The big news of 2021 is the online sales!


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