Sales, Rentals e assistence for  Electric Scooters for elders and disables.

Pratic, Economic, Safety, Comfortable.

The choice to live with freedom and fashionally!

The scooter for disable Veleco”Luxury electric scooter” are designed and manufactured in Europe, as their most sofisticated components (battery, electric switchboard, engine).

Design and quality. Technology and sustainability. The electric scooters for elders, also known as scooter for disables are part of a group called mobility scooter. The mobility scooters are very comfortable and, in Italy, they are increasingly successful.

You can ride with extremely facility without special requirements, and with reverse gear that make every movemente even more easy and natural.


Just 30 euro cents to ride up to 50km. Tax free for 5 years and not insurances necessary.


Access to pedestrians areas and walkways. No licence or helmet needed.


Adjustable seat with comfortable backrest and movable arms to ensure convenience to the user.

Face the steepest climbs, up to 25% of road slope

Motor 1000W, battery 20Ah up to 50 km with only one charge

VAT incentive with documents in compliance

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VAT Incentives

It is allowed to have tje VAT incentives to 4% to people with disabilities who want to acquire a vehicle.

To know more about these incentives, click on Agenzia Entrate portal or vistit our online guide about required documentation. Call us for more details Text us for more details

Rental Scooters for Elders and Disable

We offer a fleet of scooters for elders and disables ready to make your life more easy and functional.

Delivery service From 15 € per day The price is according to the rental duration.

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